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Aliatrix - logo - production agency for a special shows

We have dreams, huge ambitions and a great desire to make new shows, which will inspire our audience.

We are grateful, that we can turn your dreams into reality.

A few introductory words.
All my life I had a dream to be a part of a production which specialized in creating unique visual shows, which will astonish the audience. That I would be able to perform alongside amazing performers on grand events. Dance, juggle and present the magic of fire and light show in the shine of the spotlights and SFX effects. To combine new circus skills and movement arts into one spectacle.

Later I met Tereza and I discovered a new passion in life. I wish to bring to life everything her amazingly creative mind comes up with. It is fascinating to see the creative process when seemingly impossible things are gradually becoming real.

We connected our lives not only by our relationship but also by our shared desire to innovate the artistic performing world.

We connected our ideas with Bája, who perfectly completed our company and family, I dare say.

Welcome into the world of Aliatrix – Visual Show Agency, where nothing is impossible and together we can make your event extraordinary and unforgettable.

Michal Halačka

Michal Halačka - Aliatrix - visual show agency - no background


We specialize in creating unique visual shows as turnkey projects. We combine the theme of your event, unusual creative ideas and the best performers with all sorts of skills.

In unique shows we use special (SFX) effects, fire elements, programmed LED equipment, pyrotechnics, video mapping, interactive projections and much more. Possibilities are practically unlimited, however as it usually is, it’s dependent on the budget. Discussing its composition plays an important role in producing a unique show.

That is not all. We offer classical light and fire show, which are cheaper, yet still in the highest quality.

Our repertoire of standard shows includes a multimedia show, where the spectator is surprised by interactive video mapping projections, which are combined with partner acrobatics, dance and light show.

Of course in all Aliatrix shows we offer the possibility of visualizing logos, texts and other images in the performance, which draws the audience in the middle of the action on stage.

The visualizations of your logos in the hands of our artists is an amazing marketing tool, which has many amazing applications.


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