Welcome to our blog! Let me introduce Aliatrix and then we will be looking forward to your introduction and finding out how we can cooperate to build not just a great show, but also a long relationship.

Aliatrix – Visual Show Agency

A new brand based on more than 10 years of experience.

Producing spectacular and unconventional visual projects combining movement, New Circus disciplines with the beauty of fire, light, special effects and the newest technologies. A creative and innovative team of people who plunge into every new project with 100 % of passion and enthusiasm.

Aliatrix visual show team

Although Aliatrix is new to the market, its founders and artists have more than 10 years of experience performing around Europe, Asia and even Africa. The whole team cooperates with professionals from many artistic and technical fields. As a result Aliatrix is able to prepare a visual show that connects the main idea of an event with the show itself passing on positive emotions and making memorable moments.