Aliatrix – visual entertainment agency specializes in the creation and execution of custom made unconventional performances. Our main focus is on the story and emotions our client would like to portray onto the audience. How did it all start? What was the crucial impulse that determined the direction our company would take?

1. bespoke show

The crucial date was the 18th of August 2018.

After four months of consulting with the ARS Concert agency was the premiere of our fist bespoke show named Rays of Bliss. This show has been inspired by personal experience from listening to classical music and the joy and peace it brings to each one of us. 

The main challenge for our creative team has been to create a show combining modern dynamic movement, LED effects, Pyrotechnic effects, and the beauty of classical music alongside classical ballet techniques. 

The creative team is the foundation for the success of each bespoke show

Each person alone can only go so far, however, with a great team the final result can be far more astonishing and out of the box.

Umělci skupiny Aliatrix a speciální make up u příležitosti unikátní show

For the international festival of Peter Dvorsky, the performers form Aliatrix visual entertainment agency have cooperated with amazing professional dancers lead by an amazing choreographer Pavla Hanagová and creative director of Aliatrix Tereza Adamusová

Stage management of all effects has been under the management of Michal Halačka who has consulted the whole project with an outstanding producer and an absolutely amazing persona – Michal Caban

Projekce v rámci unikátní show, které sdílí příběh o značce zákazníka

Last but not least we would like to mention our team of performers, who have all cooperated together and brought the best ideas from their specialization. Dancers from famous Czech theatres, combined with the Aliatrix performers. Ten performers all creating one beautiful piece.  

“I would like to thank the whole team, for this sensational experience of creating our first spectacular performance to this extent.

We have only started to form a process system and not everything was perfect. However, the assurance of having an amazing team of performers who invested all their energy and focus on creating a perfect bespoke show in such unison despite the imperfections brought a whole new level of, so needed energy to us.

I am immensely proud of our team and I bow before them, for what they have achieved and put into creating this performance.” Michal Halačka

Interactive projections on the costumes of performers and transparent effect fabric have been lead by skilled Ladislav Bína. 

Idea, storyline, emotions

Our goal isn’t to simply present the newest equipment and technologies. It is to transfer to the audience what a message that represents our client. It is very important for us to personally meet with the client and to take inspiration from the operation and vision of their company and the whole project.

Our creative team always tries to transfer the pride towards the company onto the audience. It isn’t always easy however with functioning communication between the Aliatrix team and the representative of the company, there is always away. 

Personal happiness

In the case of the Festival of Peter Dvorsky, our team was free to portray what we felt the message of classical music was.

That is why after consultations we decided to present the bliss and happiness classical music brings to its listeners. Nowadays there is a huge emphasis on presenting the company itself, however, that does not always correspond with what makes us as humans happy. We didn’t want to only demonstrate all possible reasons to be happy.

Tereza Adamusová - kreativní ředitelka a spolumajitelka společnosti Aliatrix

“It is important to be aware of the fact, that life itself is a gift, it is an exceptional opportunity and it is only up to us if we will choose to be happy and feel grateful or if we focus rather on negative aspects.” Said the author of the whole concept Tereza Adamusová


Where next will Aliatrix head?

As already mentioned the 18th of August 2020 was a big start and a dream come true. 

“We have chosen to follow the path of bringing joy to people. As our inspiration and important figure in show business said”“The nobles of Arts is making others happy.” P. T. Barnum

We also know that with a great team we can achieve unimaginable things, global performances, and projects. We take our job very seriously and we put not only our skill but also a piece of each one of us into each of our performances. 

“We want to conquer the world, but we also want to enjoy our occupation, because without passion we would soon burn down like sheets of paper considering all the energy we are putting into each performance. We would rather like to bring energy and ignite a spark in each one of the spectators of our performances to make them happy.” Agree in conclusion Michal, Tereza, Barbora, Marketa, and Matej – the whole core team of Aliatrix.