Let’s brainstorm about corporate party ideas in 2021

Another busy year is behind us and we can finally meet in person (and we hope to continue to do so). Our goal is to relax and have fun with our colleagues. The perfect time for a company Christmas party. But how to make the party creative? How to break More

How to make a non-dancer move?

Have you ever watched the flow of a performer at a fire jam and wondered why you can’t stop staring at his performing even though the tricks that he is doing aren’t that impressive? Why is it that the presence on stage of this performer is so captivating even though More

Trips, artists’ memories, and the farewell

One of the reasons why we love traveling is discovering new places and experiencing unimaginable moments. Finnish and Swedish nature is clearly asking for exploration. Read the last article about our first big show tour to find out more. Before writing this article  I started a discussion with the team More

A month in a floating hotel

The series about our first big foreign light show tour is almost at its end. In the last article, we got to the point where we boarded successfully. Today we start from the same point. (Perhaps it is worth mentioning that until now, the two teams More

The taming of a creative artist

“Pustím si skladbu, začnou se mi míhat vize show před očima a za chvíli skládám choreografii a stříhám hudbu.” Nebo… “Tenhle materiál by se mi přesně hodil na vytvoření kostýmů / dekorací / vybavení do show!” Objednáno, zaplaceno, jde se tvořit. More

First big international show tour

Lately, we’ve been posting a lot of memories from our light show tour in Finland and Sweden. For many reasons, it has been a very groundbreaking show tour for us.  Why? You can read about it in our first article from the upcoming Show tour blog series.  More

Spooky LED bespoke show for Prague Halloween Festival

Prague Halloween Festival – an event, which filled the club – Roxy in its first year of existence. For this occasion the Aliatrix team prepared a spooky show which combined dance, dynamic rock music, modern light effects and theme projections.  “Striking, bad-ass, modern. A More

Bespoke show – a way to make the event unique

Aliatrix - visual entertainment agency se zaměřuje především na tvorbu netradičních performance na zakázku. Hlavní důraz je kladen na příběh klienta a emoce předávané divákům. Jak to celé začalo? Co bylo impulsem, který rozhodl o směřování celé společnosti? More