Another busy year is behind us and we can finally meet in person (and we hope to continue to do so). Our goal is to relax and have fun with our colleagues. The perfect time for a company Christmas party. But how to make the party creative? How to break the stereotypes and avoid the same patterns that occur at all Christmas parties? How to keep employees and partners entertained, engaged, and reinforce a positive perception of your brand? Read our article. 

The first impression is important

Svítící hosteska nabízí welcome drink z podsvíceného stolu

Studies show that the first and last moments of an event will be the most actively remembered by attendees. Let’s transfer into a fictional world and imagine you are entering such an event. 

Chilled to the bone you walk into the hall and are most looking forward to shedding your coat, warming up, and having that first drink that will not only warm you up but start a great evening. Right at the entrance, you are greeted by a smiling hostess in an unusual dress that is all lit up in the host’s colors and regularly changing lighting effects that you can’t take your eyes off. 

She is wearing an illuminated table with the company logo engraved on it and you will be offered a welcome drink. A lovely smile flies your way and she wishes you a nice evening guiding you in the direction of the main hall. 

Welcome to the event and we’ll continue on 

You finish your drink, greet your friends. Of course, you’re most looking forward to good food and drinks, but what can we say? The first few hours are hesitant. You’re still figuring out how to act, you’re always checking your outfit and whether you have enough universal topics for polite conversations. 

In the ballroom, you find your table, which has a tasteful vase of flowers, and a brochure with the program. For the first few moments, you wonder what to do. It’s too early to start kicking back shots, everyone just wants to talk to the boss and the program isn’t running yet. 

You take a stroll through the foyer and see a black booth with a photographer waiting. You think to yourself “Oh yeah, just another basic photo booth, boring. What the hell. I don’t have anything to do anyway, so I’ll go and have a look.” 

Welcome to the interactive photo booth

Fotokoutek od Aliatrix nefotí pouze fotografie. Vytváří zážitek

A funny and elegant photographer greets you and asks you to stand in front of a black background. I’m sure you’ll be thinking “and where are some props? Any ideas?” 

After checking your outfit the photographer will say, “Show me your best smile and don’t move.” 

An assistant with a weird stick starts moving around you and after about three seconds, it’s done.

In about a minute you see the photo. Wow. Around you is a beautiful graphic scene with your company logo! “What’s that? How’s that possible?” 

“Would you like to try painting with light yourself?” The assistant asks, and you choose from a variety of graphic themes. You can paint around a partner, for example. It’s completely up to you and your creativity.

Do you like the idea? 

You noticed in the program that there will be a tombola during the evening. “Yeah, but where to buy tickets, right?” 

In the crowd, you can clearly see the unmissable costumes of the hostesses you’ve already met. You don’t have to look any further. Just walk up to them, buy your tombola tickets from them, and ask them anything you want, or perhaps take a picture with them. 

The shinning ladies have all the information about the evening. It’s great that they can’t be overlooked, isn’t it? 

The evening continues to get underway and things are starting to heat up. The champagne is flowing, the band is kicking it up a notch and you’re enjoying yourself. Around 11pm, when you’re still sober enough, the MC asks if you could take your seats. 

All the lights go down and the main act of the 2021 corporate party begins.

Mysterious music starts to play, but still nothing happens on stage. “Could it be a mistake?” You wonder. 

Suddenly a dancer in a beautiful costume flashes past your table, does a few spins and….


I’m going to stop the show for a moment. Remember the vase with the beautiful flower? Nice, but nothing special, right? Well, think of it again, …. …. …. and we’re back. 

Break’s over

…the dancer does one more pose, pointing at your table. As if by magic, the vase lights up and starts to respond to the music. You look around and see that other tables are lighting up at the performers’ command, and more. All synchronized to the music. 

The dancers move to the stage and the actual performance begins. 

“They control the light!”

The lights respond precisely to their coordinated dance choreography with intricate technical elements. All in the bars of your company.

The first gradation is replaced by a couple in love, mist is emerging all around them. Their choreography is not about the light. It’s about beautiful partner acrobatics. 

The man lifts the woman into beautiful poses like a feather and they seem to be attached. 

Oh, the romance

Did you notice there are some poles behind the performers that weren’t there before? “What do you think they’re for?”

One of the artists seems to have a shinning magical hand. She’s throwing the light from hand to hand and the music is getting louder. At one point she turns towards the bars and sends the light into them! The backdrop lights up beautifully. She’s controlling them.

In one motion, she sends light into the vases on your table, lights up the chandeliers in the hall. The light is all around you. It makes you feel like you’re part of the show. 

The visual show is building up 

All the performers appear on stage and at the appropriate musical moment, they start dancing and… pictures start appearing in their hands. 

“Hey! Company logo!” “Hey – New Year’s wishes!” 

Surprise your audience with something special. Book us and we will display all symbols you want

The lyrics and various graphic symbols combined with the dancing and costumes is a huge effect to end the whole show. 

What do you think? Would you be amazed by such a performance?

When the show is over, the room lights up again, the vases stay lit, and you throw yourself into the last part of the party at the 2021 corporate party. 

Back to reality

Thanks for letting us experience this virtual Christmas party together. 

What do you think? Did you enjoy it? Were you intrigued by the idea full of modern visual effects?

Even Irena liked it, and this is what she says about our performance:

“Aliatrix’s performance was amazing. They performed at a private corporate event and did everything they could to wow the attendees and meet the demands. The collaboration was flawless and even the smallest hitch was resolved. They were able to adapt their show to a space that wasn’t very big. I recommend this group :)”

Wouldn’t it be worth arranging a similar programme for your Christmas party?

Forward this article to your colleagues and friends and leave us your email and phone number. 

We’ll call you, come to your meeting and talk to you about how we can convey exactly the emotion you want to your event attendees and together we’ll create a great experience they’ll remember for a long time. 

Have a great time and look forward to seeing what we come up with because together, we can create amazing things. 

Your Aliatrix team.