If you have read the first article from the series “Finland – Sweden show tour” (if you haven’t, click this link) you know that we have introduced you to all the challenges that awaited us.

We write all these articles not only to remind us of a wonderful event, but we also try to motivate everyone who is afraid of failing. Don’t worry, it’ll work out, you have it in you.

Read the second part of the article, which ends with the delightful satisfaction we felt during the first steps on the ship.

When we started preparing the whole tour, it was at a very busy time for us. Every week we had several performances. We presented a unique show at an annual event of CZ Loko, we got the honor to prepare a fire show in cooperation with Michal Caban at Prague Playoffs and we also put together a series of special performances for New Year’s Eve in Austria, where we first introduced our LED costumes. We lived our crazy beautiful dream, but it was very time-consuming.


The first group training where all eight artists were, was marked by getting to know each other and learning the first parts of the show.

The artists themselves were surprised when we told them that the show is 20 minutes long. But they sank their teeth into it and made it work.

Terezka was strict and prepared a complex choreography, which contained not only a lot of technical elements but also dance steps. Everyone agreed that it was a challenge and that it would make us learn many new things. Which is always great, but also stressful. We have to admit that it fried our brains more than a sauna.

It was not always easy to keep everyone in a good mood and motivated during training. We feel it’s not enough to just do the tricks and steps on the show. The show needs to have feelings, present emotions. That’s the only way we convey the right feelings to the audience. That’s why we focused a lot on facial expressions and body language. Some days we trained up to 8-10 hours and then we had to take care of other things like costumes. (Meanwhile, Terezka, Majký, and Maťo had to train for another 2 big shows). Physical and mental fatigue fell on everyone, and sometimes we felt like it had no end. 

If you ever prepare a similarly challenging project, it is good to focus on creating the most pleasant conditions you can. Commit yourself to your artists and give them the best service. Both physical (breakfast, coffee, candies), but also mental. Believe us, they will appreciate it and it will be reflected in their performance.


We mentioned in the previous article that it was necessary to buy a lot of equipment, but it was also necessary to create a lot of equipment.

It was beautiful to see what great people we had around us and not just our team members. We departed on January 5th so we knew that we would finish the last details during the Christmas holidays. A time we wanted to spend with our families.

Hmm… How to do that, right? “Well, dad starts doing this, mommy do this, brother, sister, aunt, niece, you do this.” That we shouldn’t drag our family into our business you say? The people who love us were very happy to help us and it was a time well spent.

Here we would like to thank them. We couldn’t do this without you. In addition, thanks to this event, we have a lot of new experiences together and we strengthened our family bonds.

Our house looked like a factory at Christmas, but it was damn worth it. 🙂


Prague PlayOffs were behind us, we managed to sober up after New Year’s Eve, and we had 3 days until departure.

At this time extreme fatigue came, we thought we won’t make it. Those who have ever prepared a larger event or have been going through a similarly big (or even much bigger) challenge will confirm that the last few days are groundbreaking.

We have to admit now, that some things we wouldn’t do the same as we did then. But these are experiences that everyone must gain on their own. In the last few days before departure, we slept an average of two hours a day, drank a ton of coffee, and at times were frustrated and upset because things didn’t go as we had imagined.

In retrospect, we see it from a different perspective and we have learned a lot from our mistakes. What is important is a great mutual tolerance of bad moods, an effort for a constructive debate, and most importantly to keep telling yourself that it will turn out. Whatever we are afraid of, it will always turn out.

Anyway, when we arrived at the airport on Sunday 6th January, and we saw 8 ready artists looking forward to the adventure, it was a nice feeling. 

Then everything happened at once. Baggage check-in, boarding, extremely fast teleport (some of us don’t even know we took off), landing in Helsinki and Stockholm, the first night at the hotel on shore, and the morning of day D.

Day D

We will never forget the feeling we had when we first saw the floating block of flats for 4,500 people, which called itself Gabriella and Mariella. 

After accommodation in the cabins, the first departure to the cold Nordic sea awaited us. We were standing on the upper deck, the cold Finnish air was blowing on our faces, and we could finally hug, kiss, and say: “We’re here, we made it. Now 5 weeks of great experiences and a huge adventure await us. ”

We will write about everything that happened on the ship in the third article. We will be glad if you give us feedback on how you like this series about our first big foreign show tour.

What to say in conclusion. We are all destined to do what we want in our life. We all have the same, infinite chances and it’s up to us how we use the time we have.

Follow your dreams. Work tirelessly on your visions and wildest imaginations, because in this part, life is fair and will reward you for the hard work and effort.

Don’t listen to people who say it’s impossible. You have everything you need within you.

Many thanks to everyone who has read this article until the end. It motivates us that we can write articles for you. Thanks to you we can live our dreams.

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