Fire dancers from Aliatrix – Visual entertainment Agency traveled all the way to Saudi Arabia in June 2019 for a sensational week packed with new experiences. The end of Ramadan was a perfect occasion for something special and our fire show featuring a special guest fire dancer from Belgium brought just that. Thousands of spectators witnessed our LED light and fire performance.

The client contacted us very shortly before the event. We heard about the event for the first time on Tuesday a week before departure, but we were determined to do what we can, to help our client. Hence a week full of hurrying and unexpected surprises started for our show manager.

What needs to be arranged in order to perform a great light or fire performance in Saudi Arabia?

  • Choose the best fire dancers
  • Create an astonishing light and fire show choreography
  • Arrange all visas, documents, hotels, catering, flights and all details of the tour, …
  • Pack all equipment in a manner that will be accepted at the airport
  • Once in the location, rehearse the show.

With two or three weeks time, all this is easily doable.


When you only have one week to finish everything and on top of that, that week is Ramadan holiday (very limited working time), it can be quite a challenging task that would verify the abilities of any event manager.

Luckily everything went well and the Aliatrix fire dancers departed to the desired destination in Araar.

Fire dancers from Aliatrix - visual entertainment agency in the Prague Airport

However, that was not the end of all challenges and our adventure continued. The weather in Araar wanted to show its powers and it sent us a sand storm, that sadly let the fire dancers perform only three days.

All the amazing memories and things we‘ve experienced are on our Instagram account in saved stories, so check it out!

We are very glad that our client was as excited about the performances as we were. Altogether it was a beautiful trip. Currently, we are focusing on another project – this time solely light shows in a similar exotic country and we hope it will be as great as this trip.