The Corona Crisis is a challenge that is giving a hard time for most performers. It has its bright side though. We started cooperating with Groove Army and we will keep on creating new innovative shows in which we will combine fire and drumming.

We have performed our premiere cooperative show at Roztoč- Fire festival.
Regarding the fact that Roztoč Festival is visited by performers from all over the world, we have prepared a very highly technical Skill show with 13 performers in total, 7 fire performers, and 6 drummers from the exclusive group Groove Army led by the baton of Tokhi.

Incredibly demanding choreography as the foundation of our fire – drummers show

“From my point of view, it was one of the hardest synchronized choreographies I have learned in the 10 years of my career. It was lit.”

Co-owner Aliatrix – Michal Halačka.

The composing of the choreography was very unusual. Our creative director – Tereza Adamusová wanted to give the opportunity to all the performers to express their wishes, unique style, and moves, which can’t always be used in commercial shows. Many sequences in the choreography originated from the performers which you have seen on stage. Collective work on the whole concept and choreography in combination with the possibility to perform after a long pause was a great motivation for all of us and it created an amazing atmosphere that reached its peak at the premiere.

Unusual provocative and bold costumes

Tattooist, photographer, and a lover of shibari Lucka Hanusova has created the whole concept. The goal was to create provocative, unbound, and untamed costumes to underline the atmosphere of combined fire drummers show. With the help of Baja, they created costumes for 7 performers which all fit into a little tiny box. 300 meters of rope, Lucka’s vision, and her artistic knots created an amazing piece of work.

Tereza Adamusová v provokativním kostýmu na ohnivé show Aliatrix

Emphasis on emotions, stage presence, and passing the sensation atmosphere onto the audience

The main task of Tereza was simple: “Enjoy yourselves, give it your maximum so that time at the festival will stop for those 7 minutes of our show.” Whether we have accomplished her last wish is up to the audience to decide, however the first two wishes we have definitely managed to fulfill exceptionally.

Drummers show full of fire / Unique atmosphere

When the musical background started playing, the drummers hit their drums for the first time and the artist started emerging on stage, a mysterious atmosphere has spread out throughout the whole festival.

The Groove Army has immense energy and their expression of the rhythm in a creative spectacular amount of instrument is unique.

Magnificent plans and the desire to create innovative visual shows

The premiere of our Skill show was in a way a test. We wanted to see whether the combination of Groove Army and Aliatrix will thrive. It was ravishing!

We are in the middle of preparing a new project, in which we are trying to emphasize the strengths of both of the subjects and to create a direct combination in a visual show, which will bring new topics, untraditional technological gadgets, and the best of the performer’s skills.

What can we reveal from our preparations?

Not much actually. First of all, we are still tuning the concept, second of all we still have to develop some of the props, and third of all, we want to keep you in suspense. Either way, you can look forward to light decorations, SFX effects, and that in this show we won’t be Aliatrix and Groove Army. It will be one whole, which will merge and interact during the whole performance.

We are a team

Vystupující Groove Army a Aliatrix

We would like to thank you for the amazing applause, which you have given us at Roztoč at our premiere and also for your support. Everything we do is dedicated to our audience – to you. We’d like to create smiles and sparks in your eyes. For you to forget everything for a moment and feel pure joy and excitement is what we are aiming at with our shows. During every show, you are part of the performance, just as important as any performer. The magical atmosphere and experience are created together.

We are one whole, one community and together, we can accomplish beautiful things.

Thank you!

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P.S.S. Thank you so much for the preview photography by Celeste Veurman from – Capture my Spirit