Concert version of the worldwide famous movie The Greatest Showman is selling out the second season in Prague’s Hybernia Theatre. Aliatrix – Visual Show Agency performers are joining the spectacle with their fire show on the 11.11. and you can be there to witness the act.

P.T. Barnum – marketer, artist, and dreamer, who changed the circus world. There are not many people who wouldn’t have seen the film, based on his lifelong dream and achievements. The Greatest Show is full of melodies that caught its viewers by their hearts. It is a dream of many performers to be a part of such a powerful piece. 

Jiří Peter is a young producer, who was also enchanted by this phenomenal story. He is one of those who fulfill their dreams and as a result of his effort, he is the only one in the Czech Republic, who got the official license to use the original music and to transfer this concert onto the stage of Hybernia Theatre.

Fire show in the greatest show in Prague (Czech Republic)
Source: Hybernia Theatre (Radek Holeš)

Jiří Peter always wants to improve and innovate the whole show. We’re proud that we were chosen to perform a fire show alongside the other great performers in the Greatest Show.

“We didn’t hesitate for a minute. Our performers have already cooperated with the Hybernia Theatre hence they are familiar with the environment. I haven’t met many artists who wouldn’t want to perform to such powerful music.” said Michal Halačka, who will be performing the premiere of Aliatrix fire show in this piece in a duo with his partner – Tereza Adamusová

Come to The Greatest Show – live in concert

If you would like to see the premiere of Aliatrix performers you will have the opportunity on 11.11 at 17:00 and 20:00.

You can buy the tickets at TicketMaster and enjoy the spectacle that the whole team of The Greatest Show – live in concert has prepared for you.

If you wish to taste the atmosphere of the performance you can check out the Aliatrix – fire show gallery or the trailer for the show project, brought to you by corporation on Youtube. 

“We will be very glad if the spectators will come and support us. They are the reason why we are doing this show and I believe we can give them a beautiful memory. As P. T. Barnum said: The noblest art is that of making others happy and we will do everything in our powers to fulfill his vision” concluded Michal Halačka.