One of the reasons why we love traveling is discovering new places and experiencing unimaginable moments. Finnish and Swedish nature is clearly asking for exploration. Read the last article about our first big show tour to find out more.

Before writing this article  I started a discussion with the team members about what are their favorite memories from Finland and Sweden.

I will not lie to you. Quite a lot of them are not fully publishable, they are full of rum and pirates. (Greetings Maťo)

However, if I overlook these often slightly drunken experiences, a lot of nature-related memories come to mind. Matěj once took a day off to walk to the Nackareservatet National Park. The local terrain surprised him a bit. These kinds of conditions are not usual in the Czech Republic. (See photo underneath.) His determination to finish the trail was astonishing because he did not give up even though he walked in waist-high snow.

Each of us has significant experiences from the cabins. If you have never been on a cruise ship before, you should know that the standard class cabin is about 8 square meters. (The smallest cabin on the ship was 4m2) It’s about as big as a train sleeping compartment. In this area, there were 3 bunk beds, a narrow sofa, a mini nightstand, and even a bathroom. Maťo appreciated the bathroom the most, as he could perform all sorts of tasks at once without having to move.

Esterka tested the crampedness of the cabins one night when she moved clumsily and the contact of her head with the edge of the bed woke Markét sleeping in the next cabin.

Monča liked to enjoy the view of the endless sea from the small cabin window, Terezka remembers the small red houses on islands lining the narrow canal, where we sailed every day. On most of the sunny mornings, she stayed in bed, covered in a blanket, and watched the sun’s reflection on the frozen water surface and listened as it shattered by the impact of the ship.

Esterka and David have a vital memory of fighting over the morning sun because they shared a cabin and the window wasn’t big enough for both of them. They had to take turns every few minutes to fit in a narrow beam and gain the most warmth they could.

The Mariella ship team (Terezka, Monča, Majký, Maťo) met a photographer Ants Vehter by chance on their ship. (Check out his Instagram, he is very skilled.) They immediately thought of creating some great photos.

We agreed that he would tour us around the interesting places of Helsinki and do photoshoots in some of them. Great idea!

We visited the amazing Oodi library, a beautiful frozen lake (and there was a photoshoot at -20°C), or even seemingly ordinary places, which, combined with a great skill, managed to create a beautiful mood in the photos.

It was a great honor for us that this photo of our team was also published on the official National Geographic channel.

We also had the opportunity to taste a bit of the sports atmosphere in Stockholm!

We were there just in time for the Swedish Hockey Games and we had the chance to see the Finish-Czech match.

Monča and Matěj and I were looking forward to seeing the legendary Globe Arena, but as it turned out this match was played in a much smaller arena next to the big one. Also, what surprised us was, that there were not many people at the match. If the Czech national team had not organized a plane for the officials, sponsors, and their families, we would have been practically alone in the stadium.

But we still enjoyed it, because it was still a national team match and we have never had the chance before to hear the coaches’ instructions to the team. By the way, we won 5 to 0.

If you ever have a journey to Finland or Sweden, we definitely recommend taking as many trips to museums as possible. They are extraordinarily interactive and interesting! We were very impressed by the Nordic open-air museum or the Vasa Museum. If you want to know about the local culture go to the National Museum.

The sea world in Helsinki was super beautiful. We also went to the Suomenlinna military fortress and we walked dozens of kilometers (some of us maybe even more) and gained hundreds of experiences that resonate in us.

This is exactly why we love what we do.

Life is too short not to enjoy every second and thanks to Aliatrix we have the chance to discover the beauties of our blue-green globe.

Everything we experience forms us and we then imprint it in our shows.

It’s a beautiful cycle. Thanks to the performances, we gain experience, and thanks to you – our viewers, we can experience new and enriching experiences. Thank you.

As we said goodbye to the people on the ship after five weeks, there was a touching moment and a promise that we would once return. The following meeting with the other team in Prague was held in a celebratory mood with gratitude to have each other.

This series of articles had several purposes. One of them was to remember this great work opportunity and to assure ourselves that we have the best job ever.

The other purpose was to show that even with such activity as juggling and spinning fire and lights it is possible to make a living, travel, and grow as people. Everything is possible, all you have to do is not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

The possibilities we have are thanks to the realization that life is not only joyful but also hard work, tears, and blood. You know it – no pain no gain. 

We must not drop our efforts. We must not resign. We must fight with the misfortune of the world and with our own negative thoughts. Please do not give up, because living culture must survive and one day we will once again be able to give joy to our viewers.

If you liked this series about our first big show tour, give us feedback. Each of your messages motivates us and energizes us.

Have fun, laugh, and hold on! 🙂

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