Interactive projection mapping Dance show

A worldwide known artist:

Famous artists in your event

  • He was invited to British TV BBC as one of the first Czech artists.
  • The author of this show performed at the Rallye Dakar in Saudi Arabia.
  • This artist performed at hundreds of places all around the world.
  • You could see him in Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

Your company logo is included in the show

Your loro in the projection mapping show

  • We can transfer the emotion and story of the event. You know what you want to tell the audience, we know how to tell.
  • Imagine, what emotion will your LOGO, the name of the company raise in the audience. We can integrate your logo in the Interactive Video Mapping Dance Show.
  • We’re also able to add pictures, symbols and show texts.

Unconventional projection mapping tailored to your event

Projection mapping representing your story

  • Our goal is to create an exceptional performance for you. Together, we’ll agree on every detail of the video mapping projections.
  • The act consists of two performers. The first one is on stage and the second one creates all the projections live, projecting them on a special LED construction.

Unusual LED programmable constructions

Technology of 21st century will make your event special

  • The special LED programmable construction is the dominant of the show.
  • The artist controls not only the newest technological equipment but also the light effects and projections. All of these on the construction of the authors’ design.
  • After the agreement, the construction may be used for the next program of your event. For example, you can use it as a backdrop for attractive and unconventional photos. The construction is capable of reacting with light effects to other things happening on stage. Ideal for underlining the arrival of a speaker, celebrations of important parts of the events, etc.

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Frequently asked questions | F.A.Q.

Can the show include the logo of our company?

  • YES
  • As a part of our light show we use technologies that are capable of projecting pictures, texts and other graphics.
  • We’ll consult all the details about including your logo by email, and our technicians will make sure everything is ready.

What does interactive projection mapping mean?

  • The whole visual show can be in the color theme of your event to underline your company brand.
  • The performance consists of “live projection mapping”. All the animations are made during the show itself creating another dimension of experience for your viewers.

What are the technical requirements?

  • The minimum size of the stage is 8x6x4m
  • The whole LED construction is 3,5m tall, 3,7m wide and 1,8m deep.
  • We need at least 3 hours to build the construction. After agreement, it is possible to build the construction off stage and bring it on stage 10 minutes before the show.
  • A rehearsal in the place of the show is a must. The presence of the organizers’ audiovisual team is also needed during this rehearsal.

What are the travel expenses?

  • The transportation costs are 0,26 EUR / km
  • The number of cars needed will be specified in the contract and we’ll agree on everything beforehand.

A performance rights organisation

  • The organizer is obliged to deal with the fees for public production.
  • Have questions about the A performance rights organization? Call us. We have experience with this organization and will be happy to help you.