One of our Aliatrix performers has returned into magnificent Kuwait with his Light show, where he has performed exactly one year ago. Just like last time he performed his solo as a guest performer in one of our partner visual entertainment agencies. He performed with Visual poi and graphic staff and as always the performances and the journey itself were an amazing experience.

Even the journey, into this exotic country, is a memorable trip on its own, however as faith would have it, the flight from Vienna had a 3-hour delay and the whole team missed their flight from Turkey to Kuwait.

The idea of spending the night on an airport in Istambul was not very pleasing, however luckily as a last-minute plan, they drove to the hotel. In two hours they were ready to get some rest. Traveling to distant places can be full of unexpected surprises and another one of those surprises was waiting for the team.

Once in the hotel, they found out that they will have to leave again and travel back to the airport. After 30 hours of not sleeping they finally arrived in Kuwait City where instead of a nap, they gathered all the energy they had left and started preparing for a test run of the light show on stage.

Even though all our performers in the team were very tired, the first light show was an immense success. The audience was amazed and the client was satisfied.

After the first light show

With regard to the fact, that in Kuwait an average daily temperature is over 50°C, the only way to enjoy the wonders of this country is at night, after dusk. Therefore after the light show, the team headed for a night swim in the sea, where for them an unusual view was waiting.

At 3 a.m. the beach was packed with visitors. Even though the water was as warm as a soup it was still a pleasant refreshment.

The second day was in a more relaxed tempo and during their performances, they could properly enjoy the audience’s responses, as well as flawless teamwork because this year’s team and last year’s team was composed of the same performers.

Later that night the performers enjoyed an amazing shisha, that has been created by very famous Czech brand Meduse, which made us very proud of our homeland.

Even though we only spent three days in Kuwait, it was a beautiful and nostalgic trip. Exactly one year ago the Aliatrix – Visual entertainment Agency was founded and this trip to Kuwait has been the very first international performing tour that we participated in as Aliatrix. The same country, the same city, the same hotel, but a lot of new upgraded features in the light show.

Michal has been posting short stories about the trip on our Aliatrix Instagram – go check it out.

We are very grateful that thanks to what we enjoy most, we are able to travel all over the world. We can’t wait till the next Kuwait trip. Every time traveling to Arab countries is a unique experience for us and we cherish all the memories and experiences.