Lately, we’ve been posting a lot of memories from our light show tour in Finland and Sweden.

For many reasons, it has been a very groundbreaking show tour for us. 

Why? You can read about it in our first article from the upcoming Show tour blog series. 

The original assignment:

“One twenty-minute light show which combines the elements of LED lights and blacklight effects.”

Now you must be thinking “Twenty minutes?!” Well, yeah. We tried our best to explain that a  shorter light show would be more striking, but it was relentless. If you want to know how it turned out, wait for the second part of the article, it’s quite funny.

Let’s do this

What was running through our heads when we found out about the show tour? 

  1. The client wanted 8 performers for 5 weeks. We had 4 team members, one of which couldn’t leave for such a long time due to university duties, and one performer with immense potential – however still in training. This meant that we were 4,5 performers short. 
  2. We had a lot of experience with the Arabic market however cruise line entertainment was a completely new category for us. 
  3. At that time we existed approximately for half a year and we didn’t have enough equipment or costumes which were necessary for the event. 
  4. We had two months for necessary preparations. During which we had already planned many other shows and two big premieres which still needed a lot of work.


Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We dove head first into the preparations. And believe me, there were plenty of tasks to do.

Challenge n. 1 Artists

We had a lot of ideas about who to contact and with whom we would like to work. In the end, Monika, Esterka, Dejv, and Martin joined the team. Matěj (our newcomer) started training like crazy – 5 hours a day 7 days a week. He even left the rehearsals of the Galileo musical to join us on this tour. He showed great determination and his progress was tremendous (good job Maťo!).

So the team was complete, but it had a catch. Our team members never saw each other, and in a short period, we had to turn them into well-matched partners who had to look like they had stood together on one stage for years. But more on that in the second part of the article.

Challenge n.2 Choreographies

Tereza started creating the script for the new performance. Both teams had to perform the same show. However, as we like to emphasize the individuality of each of our performers, the light shows had to be similar yet different to leave room for each performer’s skill. 

Challenge n. 3 Equipment

Did we mention that at the time of this show inquiry, our agency officially existed only for about half a year? We had equipment for three people. For this tour, we had two teams of four people and a much longer show than usual. That meant we needed both – more of the equipment we already had and new kinds of equipment to fill the time. 

Michal (Majčíííček, Majký) started ordering everything – which was another fun task. Not only did we need a six-digit number for all the payments, but we also needed a lot of luck/will to convince the suppliers to put an extra effort in and make all the equipment in time (thank you – Lighttoys ad LightTrix – the real pros). 

Funny side story: 

We wanted to implement Gangbangs in the show. (Ups. Sorry. Buugengs is what I had in mind.)

Martin owned one pair of Buugengs, which meant Michal had to buy one more pair. No problem.

At the LightToys e-shop, he found the right product “LED buugeng”. We needed two of these to have a pair. Right? So he ordered two.

What a surprise it was when he unpacked the LightToys package and found out it contained four Buugengs instead of two as he expected. (He didn’t realize that the Buugengs are fundamentally sold as a pair.) 

Michal felt embarrassed, but the buugeng lovers in our team were over the moon. 

Challenge n.4

Eight costumes could be made quite easily – design, create a pattern, find a dressmaker, and ta-da. That would be the easy way. Yet, with Tereza in the team, this wasn’t an option. Her creative soul desired the costumes she has always dreamed of. Creating those costumes required material we have never worked with. That caused a great delay.

When the times get tough you find who’s a true friend. We soon found out that our team was full of guardian angels (Once again – thank you so much!).

During the day we had intense training and in the evenings we created costumes. We created a little manufactory, each one of us doing whatever we were best at. (That’s how we found out about the hidden talent of our male performers – braiding Kanekalon braids. Who would have thought right?).

What seemed impossible took shape before our eyes and in a few days a group of people who barely knew each other created a Team with a capital T.

A little though at the end.

If it hasn’t happened already, there are for sure similar challenges that the future has planned for you. And maybe you will be just as surprised as we were when we got the inquiry and decided to sign the contract and do our best. 

However if you

1) Surround yourself with incredible people who are just as motivated as you are.

2)Have enough faith, dedication, and will.

3) Won’t be intimidated by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

4) Won’t hesitate to sacrifice your comfort for some time.

then anything is possible. 

We knew we had all this, and we were confident we would try our best to create a stunning performance. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but as they say: The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it.

Originally, this article was supposed to end with successful accommodation in ship cabins, but it is already quite long and we have so much to say.

So we’ll split it! We presented the basic challenges we faced, and in the next part of the article we’ll describe how we dealt with them.

Your feedback is important to us because we’d like to share the type of experience that can be helpful and interesting to you. 

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