Michal Halačka - juggler, manager, co-owner

Michal Halačka

Agency executive director and an artist, who performed in more than 600 shows on 4 continents.

He is the founder of a nonprofit art school, which he also directed until 2018 and an international festival of contemporary art Flaming Nights. For several years he was a representative of the Czech Republic in the International Juggling Association.

Tereza Adamusová - co-owner, creative director, dancer and juggler

Tereza Adamusová

Creative Director.

Performing since 2011, she has been a leader in one of the performing juggling teams in the Czech Republic.

She takes care of all the artists and creates all the concepts of the shows.

You will be in touch with Tereza to make your event unique.

Bára Adamusová - Aliatrix - visual show agency - core team

Bája Adamusová

The main agency designer and a performer since 2013.

Her merit is the whole corporation identity. Consultant of the visual aspect of the show.

And yes, she’s Teresas’ sister. 🙂


Matěj Kupčík - Aliatrix - visual show agency gentlemen

Matěj Kupčík

A proffesional dancer at Hybernia Theatre, Theatre Kalich and many others.

At the same time, Matěj is dedicated to Latin-American dances and joined Aliatrix at the end of 2018.



Markéta Kyselová - jeden z důležitých umělců Aliatrix - visual show agency

Markéta Kyselová

A juggler and a dancer by heart and soul.

She has traveled to Switzerland, Finland, and Sweden with Aliatrix.

She is a fast learner and has a big desire to improve constantly.


Monika Vaverová - one of the Aliatrix - Visual show agency ladies

Monika Vaverová

Founder of MimoSpace Stage Wear Studio and one of the best fashion designers in the Czech Republic.

Her energy is mesmerizing and she doesn’t give up easily.



Aliatrix Bendová - artists from Aliatrix visual show agency and one from Aliatrix ladies

Ester Bendová Novozámská

An actress in “Hudební divadlo Dětem” Theatre in Hradec Králové.

The first places she visited with Aliatrix were Finland and Sweden, where she performed on a cruise ship for a month.

She has great organizing skills and is very enchanting on stage.



David Benda is one of the artists from Aliatrix - visual show agency - ready for the show at your event

David Benda

An actor in “Hudební Divadlo dětem” Theatre in Hradec Králové and Esters’ life partner.

The first time he got engaged with Aliatrix was also on out Finland and Sweden tour.

His big quality is, that he is able to repair anything. He is able to learn any artistic skill easily and he is always in a good mood.




Zuzka is a dancer, acrobat - aliatrix lady

Zuzana Kodetová

The youngest member of our team.

She is a great dancer, acrobat, and a future star of all stages.