A modern photo booth, which can surprise your guests

Attractive underlining of the brand

  • Excited and content clients = positive perceiving of the brand.
  • The guests will get a unique photo with an unorthodox visualization of your logo.
  • The photo booth encourages positive perceiving of your brand.
  • The photos are intriguing. Guests will promote your brand whenever they show their photos to anyone.

A modern solution

  • Technologies are rapidly evolving and we are keeping up with the pace.
  • Painting with light uses the newest technologies on the market. You will be offering your guests a modern and adventurous photobooth, which will surprise you and the guests as well.
  • Let’s meet over a coffee or give us a call. Together we can figure out a way to add the latest visual effects and novel technologies to create a memorable WOW effect that will astonish your guests.

A marvelous experience for your guests

  • Everyone has an inner child. Awaken the natural curiosity in your guests.
  • Until the reveal guests are excited to find out what their graphic painting will look like. Each photo is unique and the guests like to compare and try our different variations. It’s a playful activity that the guests enjoy throughout the whole evening.
  • After agreement the guest can try out painting the graphic designs themselves and to triumph their creativity.

Possibility of specific designs

  • You know what you would like to say and we know how.
  • There will be up to 12 different designs offered, which we will agree upon in advance. We suggest using your logo, symbol or slogan.
  • We will create designs that will be a great fit for your event. Practically anything can be displayed.
  • If necessary we can adjust the graphic designs during the event itself, according to your or your guests desires.

It doesn't end with the end of the evening

  • We can give you advice on how to use the effect of light painting to its fullest potential.
  • An enormous amount of attractive and unconventional photos will be made at the event. After agreement we can create a beautiful present, memory or photo albums, which you can use for your future communication with guests.

The photobooth as a part of a complex solution

  • With our assistance you can present to the guests whatever you would like. A fun experience and unforgettable memory. / Create an unforgettable memory with a playful experience.
  • We specialize in creating bespoke visual shows. Our goal is to make your event exceptional.
  • We can prepare a special visual show for your event accompanied by custom made modern LED programmable decorations designed specially for your event.
  • Personal contact is the best. / We cherish partnerships. Let’s get to know each other and together we can design a concept, which you will fall in love with and which will present the message you would like to emphasize at your event.
  • Read about our visual show here.

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