Special shows for your event


Fire ball - Photo of Michal Halačka - performer of Aliatrix - visua lshow agency

A fascinating element. Fire is a good servant but a bad master. We are here to master fire and serve you. There is adrenaline, passion and special effects in our fire shows. And we love it!

Light me up!


A modern light show with professional performers with the newest technology. Perfectly timed LED light united with music and movement. A breathtaking performance, with your logo!

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Tereza Adamusová - creative director of Aliatrix - visual show agency - list of the shows

Unique show

Jiří Minařík a Ivona Szantová - Unique show by Aliatrix - visual show agency

Special effects, a combination of various types of contemporary art, a creative link between the story of your event and the atmosphere of the show. Working together on a unique visual performance will result in something new and spectacular.

Sounds fantastic!