The futuristic show with the newest technology and unique costumes

Unique costumes

Our costumes are a combination of the newest trends in stage fashion and modern technologies. A known Czech fashion designer Monika Vaverová and her Mimo Space atelier created a unique costume thanks to the combination of non-traditional fabrics, 3D printing, and applications.

Alien Show is futuristic, controversial, and witty. If you’re looking for a performance, that will catch your guests’ eye even before it starts, then this is your choice. Call us and we’ll discuss all details.

Your logo in our show

We’ll highlight your brand! The performance itself is a beautiful experience full of magical elements slowly crystallizing into a big finale. As a cherry on top, it will contain your company’s logo, waking pride and patriotism in your guests.

Viewers love to see logos in the hands of our performers. We’ll help you with the right choice of pictures, texts, or photos so that everything is perfect.

Combination of the newest technologies

Alien Show isn’t a traditional light show. It’s a complex performance, and modern technologies play an important part. Let’s talk about all the effects and decorations we’ll bring to your event.

Fog machines, lasers, projections fully controlled by our artists will create the desired wow effect that all viewers love.

Controversial game with light effects

Thanks to modern technologies we can deepen the experience with programmable props. All our equipment can be programmed exactly to a millisecond in music. It creates magical effects and illusions as dancers play with light.

Light isn’t just an effect, but a tool to tell stories and awaken emotion.

Rozmanité varianty vystoupení

Původní koncept vznikl jako Alien – One Woman Show. Dynamické vystoupení profesionální performerky mělo na své německé premiéře úspěch a nyní si ho můžete objednat i ve variantě Alien Duo, které umožňuje další rozměr zážitků, emocí a energie.

Show je plná hravých triků a efektů, které diváky pobaví i nadchnou. Pokud hledáte víc, než holý taneční skill podpořený LED efekty, pak je Alien přesně pro Vás.

Alien Show | Gallery


Will there be our logo in the performance?

  • Yes, logo will shine.
  • Technology displaying the logo, texts, and images is a part of every one of our shows.
  • Together we will agree on what specifically we will display. You can choose practically anything.

What are the technical requirements?

  • You will receive a complete technical rider from us. Here are just the standard needs:
    • Warm, lockable dressing room
    • Refreshment for the artists
    • Sound equipment for quality and full-fledged playback of music
    • Connection with lights and sound engineers
    • Parking spot for a car
    • 5 to 10 minutes to bring and prepare all the equipment on stage
    • 5 min. after the show for cleaning of all equipment

Travel costs

  • Transport is charged at 0.24 EUR / km
  • The number of cars will be specified in the contract and we will agree on everything.

Do you use LED costumes in this show?

  • No
  • Alien performance has its own unique and original futuristic costume. We do not use LED technology here.

Can the show be in the colors of the company?

  • Of course
  • Our technicians can recolor the whole performance into a specific color so that it matches a theme. We will discuss it together.
  • We use the most modern technical equipment, which allows many modifications. We can adjust the LED show according to your wishes.