Fire drummers show

Roaring atmosphere

Fire drummers show is a performance in which the audience is captured by the roaring atmosphere, energy, and emotion with up to 14 performers.

The audience won’t only observe. They will live out every minute of the performers along with the performers and together they’ll create a remarkable atmosphere.

Combination of drummers and fire dancers

Professional fire dancers accompanied by live drummers show created a dynamic of an extraordinary experience.

If you are looking for a show to present at your event, which will surprise the audience and bring something new, then message us and book a fire drumming show.

Untraditional and provocative costumes

Shibari costumes provoke emotion and they aren’t seen very often on stage. In combination with face paint and creative accessories, they are the cherry on top of the whole show.

Esteemed and demanding technical choreography

The show is a combination of dance moves and a very demanding choreography, which contains visually attractive technical elements, which are not commonly seen in the Czech stages.

Fire drumming show | Gallery

Contented clients

Lisa Elvee

I saw your show at roztoc and I was so blown away by your amazing choreo’s and stage presence, it was so amazing! Ive been in the fire community for 7 years and those techy snappy choreo’s really make me happy! Your really an inspiration!