Show full of fire energy

Fascinating element

  • Fire has always aroused passion and emotion in people. The artists from Aliatrix can control this element and combine it with dance, acrobatics and quality technical preparation.
  • For our fire shows, we use a range of fire equipment, thanks to which is our performance diverse and creative.

  • Fire show is suited for any event, because it offers a great WOW effect and an experience that everyone will remember for a long time.

Pyrotechnic effects

  • Each of our fire shows contains pyrotechnic effects as icing on a cake of the show.
  • In addition to a “basic” show, we can use pyrotechnic ground effects, sparks and fountains, which make the performance even more special and breathtaking.

  • We use certified pyrotechnics with the necessary safety data sheets. Safety is our priority.

Special effects

  • We work with many SFX effects professionals.
  • After the agreement, we can include both hand and ground flame throwers, high-pressure smoke effects and countless other add-on effects that we will discuss together before signing the contract.

  • You can be sure that the performance we prepare for your guests will be exceptional.

Safety first

  • Fire is fascinating for all audiences also because of its danger. That’s why we pay extra attention to safety precautions.
  • We have a safety certification for working with open fire and for every fire show we bring plenty of fire safety equipment.

  • A professional firefighter also visits the fire show according to the character of the event.

  • Before the event, we will discuss all possible risks together and set the conditions so that our performance is 100% safe.

Fire show gallery

Contended clients

Aliatrix - visual show agency and reference for the wedding fireshow

Alžběta Páclová

Our wedding was untraditional. We wanted to surprise our guests with something unusual and amazing. We asked Aliatrix. Their midnight wedding fire show was even more! An absolutely perfect finish and a memorable moment of our special day. If we ever have another wedding, we will invite them again!

Michal Caban is one of the best producer of the show in the Czech republic

Michal Caban

The whole Aliatrix Agency even the members themselves have charmed me with not only their creativity and professionality, but also by their ability to adapt to specific requirements. Their innovative pyrotechnic show is convenient for me also thanks to its dance and musicality. Those are the reasons I like to involve them in my multimedia projects.

The Wedding fire show - Jana Vaňková reference

Jana Vaňková

I had the honor of having these artists at my own wedding as a surprise. Honestly, people will hardly remember me or my husband, but they’ll never forget the Aliatrix wedding fire show! They’re professional, original and creative. I loved their music selection. Our guests were stunned. I rate 5*****. Thank you for this unique experience. The Czech Republic is too small for you, go conquer the world!

Prague 6 - reference logo

City of Prague

The artists and the whole performance was absolutely amazing. We invited them to a public event for Prague 6 and Aliatrix exceeded our expectations. We look forward to furthering cooperation.

Bc. Martin Olšan DiS.


Is fire show also suited for interiors?

  • Yes, it is possible.
  • Issues to be addressed:

    • interior ventilation

    • security distance from the audience

    • internal fire protection directive

    • meeting with security the officer

    • protection of the performance surroundings

    • presence of security staff

  • Within the interior fire shows we use special fuel and special pyrotechnic effects that are ideal for indoor use.

What are the safety requirements?

  • We will discuss the following points before signing the contract
    • Minimum distance from the audience

    • Size of the stage
    • Fire protection measures
    • We own security certification
    • We bring our own fire safety equipment to every show
    • A personal consultation at the venue will be required.

What are the technical requirements?

  • You will be given a complete technical rider before signing the contract.
  • These are the standard needs:

    • A heated lockable dressing-room

    • refreshment

    • sound system for quality playback of out musical background

    • communication with the stage illuminator and sound technician

    • Parking spot
    • 15 minutes of preparation on stage before the show

    • 10 minutes after the show for removing our equipment