Aliatrix artists use the newest equipment
Aliatrix is focused on the special unique and visual shows
Aliatrix artist uses the newest technology for the best experience

We will illuminate your event

Your logo included in our show

  • Just imagine what emotions will your logo, event name or company title arouse.

LED costumes

  • LED costumes are impressive as they are programmed exactly to our music.
  • We are making a complex light show and the LED costumes are an icing on the cake which will add the the atmosphere and charm the audience.

Newest technology

  • Our light show is inextricably linked to modern technology. We want to show the best available technologies on scene. Therefore, we regularly invest into innovating our equipment.

Colour theme

  • Are your corporate colours yellow, blue, green or even pink? Let’s surprise the audience by making the whole light show in your colours.

We want to live your story.

Ideal for interiors

  • Light shows are suited for both small halls and huge stages.
  • Unlike fire shows, extreme safety precautions are not necessary, which makes light shows very popular.

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LED performance | Reviews

Slavný český zpěvák Daniel Hůlka

Daniel Hůlka

I am very glad, that Aliatrix was a part of my birthday concert in Lucerna. Michal Halačka and Tereza Adamusova were very professional. Both me and my guests loved their show. And the audience? They were thrilled!
Event koordinátorka 25ti letého výročí asociace zbrojního a obranného průmyslu

Bc. Alice Štysová, MPA

AOBP CZ CEO assistant

I was assigned as a coordinator of a 25 year anniversary celebration of our association. It was a huge responsibility, especially securing the programme. Aliatrix was my first choice. Communication with them was seamless and fast. They came to meet all our demands. We chose light show, because using fire is prohibited in Žofín, where our event took place. They prepared flawlessly and the show was a success. Displaying our logo in their show was an icing on the cake. If you are still hesitating, don’t be. Aliatrix are professionals in their field. I can only recommend their show.
Event managerka společnosti - Jana Křížová

Jana Křížová

Project manager

We like to cooperate with Michal and the whole Aliatrix. He always pays attention to each light show separately. He adjusts the show to our event theme by colours, dynamics or dance creations. Our clients are always amused by the visualisation of their logo, which is also a bonus in most of the shows.

Capexus - review - LED performance from Aliatrix

Michaela Kopecká

We had a unique LED performance at our corporate event Endorfin soirée. The professional light show with beautiful costumes was a huge success. We are looking forward to another cooperation. Thank you!