Let's visualise your story in our show

Tell us your story

  • To share emotions through a visual show is a complex proces.
  • Lets meet in person. We’ll listen to your story and together we’ll agree on the ideal concept of your show.
  • We‘ll talk about your ideas, agree on the budget and the next meeting. Then we will do all the work an on the next apointment you can expect a proposal of your new unique visual show.


United professionals from many disciplines

  • Juggling, dancing, acrobatics and many other seemingly incompatible artistic activities.
  • There are many great people and we enjoy connecting them to make something unique.
  • Our purpose is to create innovative, interesting and unconventional visual shows.

On stage, we’ll give it our best.

Stage effects

  • Technology is evolving unstoppably and so are we.
  • Projection, video mapping, SFX, programmable lasers – that’s all just a fraction of what can be involved in your show.
  • The precise use of modern technologies will give your visual show the unforgettable wow effect.

You will be in the spotlight

  • We will comunicate throughout the whole preparation proces. It’s important for us to work together and interact, because united, we’re able to make greater things.
  • The whole production is tailor-made, so you’ll have plenty of time for other activities.

Your brand will be the star of the show.

Unique show gallery

Unique visual performance | Reviews

Lenka Šimečková

Project manager

“Beams of joy” – how the show was called – by Aliatrix lit up the final concert of the 20th Peter Dvorský International Music Festival. It was a truly unique finale. The combination of music, dance, light and pyrotechnics was effective and a perfect finish of a jubilee event. Tailor-made show for the main idea of our event met the expectations of both organisers and the audience. Enough was said – you have to see Aliatrix with your own eyes!

Aliatrix - Unique show - reference - CZ LOKO

Irena Müllerová

The Aliatrix show was amazing. They performed at a private corporate event and they did everything to fulfill our requirements. The cooperation was flawless and even the smallest hitch was solved quickly. They managed to fit their show into a small space. The audience were stunned. I recommend this group.


Technical rider

  • Compared to standard performances, an active consultation of all requirements in relation to the technical complexity of the entire production is important for the tailor-made show

  • We will discuss the complete technical rider together in advance.

How long does the preparation take?

  • Let us know about your event at least two months in advance. We need enough time to make everything perfect.

  • We plan tailor-made performances in detail, therefore we will have to discus it a lot.


  • Pořadatel má povinnost vypořádat se s poplatky za veřejnou produkci.


  • Máte ohledně ochranného svazu autorů otázky? Zavolejte nám, máme s tím zkušenosti a rádi Vám pomůžeme.

Transportation costs

  • Transport costs 0,24 € /km per car

  • we will establish the number of cars used and it will also be specified in the contract.