Special luminous hostesses will light up your event

Enjoyment for your guests

  • LED luminous hostesses will create an unforgettable element, which will be the topic of future conversations.
  • From experience, we know that LED promoters are a popular selfie point amongst guests, thus awareness about your event will be spread through their pictures.

Unique LED costumes

  • Not only do we supply pretty women and men in beautiful dresses, we provide an unconventional atmosphere for the guests of your event.
  • Costumes are operated by a control chip of our own production. You have the key to a unique element, which will be the talk of the party.
  • All costumes are fully programmable and we can completely tailor the effects and colors displayed on them, to suit your event.
  • Costumes can fully adapt all colors of the spectrum and the effects are adjustable during the event itself. We will suggest ideal combinations and after we agree upon them, then we can sign the contract. Costumes can, for example, react to applause during a speech or can make handing gifts to guests more attractive.

Luminous tables for welcome drinks

  • Captivate and amaze your guests in a second.
  • Special, LED tables are attached to the hostesses, which allows them to hand out welcome drinks in a very elegant manner.
  • Let us engrave your logo into the table. Our LED technicians will create a dazzling light effect around your logo, which will encourage positive emotions in guests towards your brand, seconds after arriving at the venue.

Coordinator is always part of the deal

  • The day of the event leaves everything up to us. Enjoy yourself and let us take care of everything.
  • You won’t have to deal with the unprofessional behavior of hostesses. The presence of our coordinator guarantees that everything will be top-class and you can cross-out one of the many things to supervise at your event.
  • Our coordinator will know all your requirements, wishes, and demands. He or she will make sure that everyone will have a great time at your event. You, Your guests, and our hostesses as well.

Custom made unique visual design

  • If there is enough time until the event, together we can arrange and design all details of the hostesses’ appearance.
  • Our costume designers will gladly hear out your wishes, to create a look that will complement your concept.
  • Together we can tailor the look of our hostesses to get the maximum results and astonish your guests.

Professional promoters & hostesses

  • Our goal is to supply the best professional promoters and hostesses to bring positive emotions to your guests.
  • Our wonderful employees are proactive and communicative.
  • All details regarding the appearance, their tasks will be arranged and put into the contract. By signing the contract you can be sure that everything will be sorted the way we agreed upon.

Unconventional LED hostesses | Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions | F.A.Q.

Can I book hostesses without a coordinator?

  • No.
  • We don’t only offer hostesses. Our clients get full service. At the event itself, there are many details that need to be checked for everything to go smoothly. We want to help you with as many organizing details as possible. That is why it is very important to have a coordinator, who will make sure that everything regarding hostesses is perfect.

How many hostesses can you supply?

  • Currently, we have 6 interactive LED costumes.
  • In case you will be interested in more LED hostesses, we can customize and arrange more LED costumes.
  • We aren’t only distributors. We also develop the technology and costumes, that is why we are capable to fulfill high demands and challenges.

How much time do we need to create a tailored solution?

  • That depends on the amount of custom made elements and size of your event.
  • Preparations can take less than a week, however, some of our previously carried out events the preparations took us months.
  • Please contact us for more information. We can discuss everything and find the best fitting solution for you.

Jaké jsou dopravní náklady

  • The transport fee is 0.24 EUR / km
  • The number of cars needed will be part of the discussion and it will be specified in the contract.

Can I book a foreign language speaking hostesses?

  • Yes
  • We cooperate with professionals, who speak most used international languages.
  • In case you will desire hostesses speaking other languages than Czech please contact us. Everything can be arranged.