Special LED vases, which will brighten up your guest.

Surprise your guests

Unexpected surprise and mesmerizing experience

  • Wow effect of the first illumination will leave your guests breathless. 
  • Your guests will be in the center of the beautiful LED effects, dance, and all the action 
  • Our LED vases do not differ from ordinary flower vases. Until the grand reveal, guests won’t suspect a thing.

Lively changes of colours

Any color you want

  • Perfectly suitable for any theme of your event. You will choose the color yourself. 
  • Before the start of the event, you can try out all the colors yourself. 
  • Each vase can shine in a different color.

LED vases will light up in the theme colour of your event

Highlighting the most important moment of your event

  • You can modify the light effect throughout the evening
  • Use our vases to impressively highlight the important moments of your event.
  • We will consult and agree on the script of color changes before the event.

Bespoke and trouble-free

Our technical support will handle everything

  • We know how challenging planning events can get. Our LED vases will be handled by our technician. We will prepare and manage everything. 
  • Aliatrix representative will help you choose the color the LED vases will shine in, he/she will monitor the course of the light scheme and he/she will ensure the installation and deinstallation of the vases.

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